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2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry Blossoms

The 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms were almost perfect.  The skyscrapers of Nishi-Shinjuku behind them make them look a little different.  I think that every time I go.  The buildings add a little extra.  Does another park in Tokyo offer a similar view?  This one might well be unique.

NTT DOCOMO building behind Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms

And it has so much space.  While it can get crowded, I’ve never felt crushed there.  The trees aren’t clustered together in only one area.  They are all over Shinjuku Gyoen

2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms with Shinjuku skyscrapers behind

And after attending many hanami events over the years, I have some thoughts about it.  Each to their own, I know and accept.  But why is hanami so important in Japan?  

It seems having a party under the trees and drinking with friends is more important.  Many people never look at the trees and admire their flowers.  They only give them a cursory glance.  

people picnicking on Shinjuku Gyoen lawn
people enjoying 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms

Am I overthinking in my old age?  That might be true.  But it is what I have felt over the last few years.  Anyway, you can observe this at many places in Tokyo.

people at 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms

Anyway, 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms were great.  I was a little early in the season for the cherry blossoms, but the peak was close. I hope you enjoy the pictures.  

man in conical straw hat painting cherry blossoms

By the way, this is another set of photos that I took with the Pentax K-3 and 18-135 mm lens.  It did a satisfactory job.  I only added the Eterna film simulation when I reprocessed them for this article. 

cherry blossoms near pond

If you have been to this park to see the flowers, let me know your thoughts. For those that have seen them elsewhere, let us know your thoughts.

2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms picnic
2017 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry blossoms near pond

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