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2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

The 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums were superb.  It was a glorious day.  The flowers were at their peak, and for a weekday, many people were there to see them.  That made for a lot of waiting to get pictures with no one in them.

2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums ozukuri dome

Shinjuku Gyoen is the best place to see chrysanthemums in Tokyo.  To start with, it’s a fantastic park anyway.  And the quality of the flowers was superb.  If I remember correctly, they had six display areas in the Japanese Garden.  Someone might need to correct me on that.  Each area displayed one variety.

outside display of Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

There are several different types of chrysanthemums, but my favorite was the ozukuriOzukuri is a giant dome made up of hundreds of blooms.  They’re awesome.  Their display always consists of three of these under one roof.  There is a yellow in the middle with a white on either side.  It is beautiful.

For this trip, I took a polarizing filter with me.  I thought I’d try it to see if it would make a difference in my photos.  Unfortunately, I forgot one thing.  

people looking at Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

You put a polarizer in front of the lens.   They darken skies and help manage reflections and glare.  So that means there must be sunlight between your subject and the lens.  The chrysanthemums at Shinjuku Gyoen were in display booths.  That means they were in the shade – oops!  Most of the shots here were without any benefit of the filter.  So much for that idea!

yellow 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

Anyway, I used a polarizer only a few times again.  They were difficult to use.  More precisely, I thought they weren’t consistent in their effect.  I bought three or four, but they only sit inside a drawer collecting dust these days.

woman looking at Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

Shinjuku Gyoen has world-class chrysanthemums.  The growers and staff put a lot of effort into the displays.  And the park isn’t only about these flowers.  In other seasons there are roses and cherry blossoms.  

2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums near pond
2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums in booth

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Please leave comments and questions in the section below.  If you visited the 2017 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the exhibit.

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