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2018 Chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen

I went to see the 2018 chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen twice.  Both times were superb with the fantastic weather.  I went once in the morning and then in the late afternoon.  For the first visit, it was so crowded that I gave up on my first visit.  The second time, I went before closing time.  There were fewer people, but that limited my shooting time. Still, I got some great pictures.

Yoyogi NTT DOCOMO building behind chrysanthemums

That is the hardest thing about photographing the chrysanthemums at the park.  There are only a limited number of display areas, which means people will always enter your shots.  So, you can take your picture and have someone in the way.  

Yellow, pink, white ozukuri displays at 2018 Chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen

Or you wait for them to move on and take photographs at your own pace.  Waiting for them to move can take some time, so be warned!  Of course, you can go at a time when there is no crowd like I did.

My favorite chrysanthemum display at Shinjuku Gyoen was the ozukuriOzukuri is a dome made up of hundreds of blooms.   I always find them a little hard to photograph as I never know whether to shoot them straight or from the side.  Anyway, shots taken from both angles are here for you to see.

pink chrysanthemums at 2018 Chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen
hexagonal flower bed commemorate 150th anniversary of the Meiji era_

One thing I did differently that year was to use a wide-angle lens, the Fujifilm 10-24 mm lens.  The results were a mixed bag.  When shooting up close, some corners got a little stretched.  That wasn’t very desirable, but I guess it could be a matter of technique.

kengaizukuri chrysanthemum display at Shinjuku Gyoen

And while I was in Shinjuku Gyoen, I started to think, are chrysanthemums popular?  They are favorites for Mother’s Day in Australia.   In Japan, they are on the Imperial Seal.  When you hear people talk about flowers, answers can vary.  But, I have never heard anyone say chrysanthemums.  Still, many people attend this exhibit.

Ozukuri booth at 2018 Chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen

As always, Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the best places to see chrysanthemums in Tokyo.  I won’t say greatest anymore, as it does have serious rivals.  You can see them elsewhere on this website.

multi-colored chrysanthemum booth at Shinjuku Gyoen

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If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.  Did you visit the 2018 Chrysanthemums Shinjuku Gyoen?  Please tell me what you thought of them if you did. 

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