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2018 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry Blossoms were the best

The 2018 Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms were the best.  No year before or since has surpassed them.  It was the perfect day.  The photography was fantastic too.

2018 Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms

Prior to this visit, my timing for Shinjuku Gyoen visits has been off for a few years.  I had either been going too early or too late.  But this time I got to see some magnificent blooms.  I was more than satisfied.  They were even better than the ones at Aoyama Cemetery in 2018.

2018 Shinjuku Gyoen Cherry Blossom tree

My favorite shots from this visit?  Most of the photos I liked were with the NTT DOCOMO building in the background.  I love looking at it soaring above the trees.  And that year, it was stunning.

For most of these photos, I used the XF 55-200 mm lens.  It was great to use it for closeups of the flowers in a macro fashion as it is very sharp and produces beautiful bokeh.  When you consider the image quality it gives you can’t complain about its prices.  And it was the closest thing to macro I didn’t have! 

people walking through 2018 Cherry Blossoms

As I look through my photos from Shinjuku Gyoen, the haze was a godsend in retrospect.  While the sky didn’t have the deep blue I was expecting, it did have a paleness, which I found attractive.  

2018 Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms and Shinjuku skyscrapers

It would be great to visit the park in “Golden Hour” (i.e., thirty minutes on either side of sunrise or sunset).  That would be an amazing time to photograph the cherry blossoms.  But, as it opens at 9 pm and closes around 4:30, that might be difficult.  If anyone has good contacts at Shinjuku Gyoen, let me know! 

girl running past cherry blossoms and Yoyogi NTT DOCOMO building

If there was one thing I found annoying in 2018, it was the staff.  They carried signs that reminded people that alcohol was forbidden.  I don’t mind a drinking ban in the park; that wasn’t my problem.  But, as bags were searched before entry, were the extra reminders necessary?  Anyway, anyone who had snuck in drinks wasn’t going to listen.

people walking through Shinjuku Gyoen
people on lawn at Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and please leave any comments or questions below.  You can also read my main article about the park here.  It really is a tremendous place for photography.

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And for those of you that visited the 2018 Shinjuku Gyoen cherry blossoms, please let us know about your experience there. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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