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2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums on a beautiful day

The Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums in 2021 were beautiful.  In Tokyo, we had perfect weather to enjoy the event.  It was a beautiful day to visit.  My only wish was that I could have had more time with them.  Still, I got some good photos of the flowers.

Yoyogi NTT DOCOMO building behind Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  It was a little warm, so I regretted taking a jacket with me.  I took it off and wrapped it around my bag.  Carrying it like that was a pain, but I didn’t have any other option.  Considering how good the day was, it was a small penalty.

2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemum domes

I enjoyed the flowers a lot.  The best ones were the large chrysanthemum plants.  Those were the ozukuri and ogiku.  Both of them looked fantastic.

If you don’t know, the ozukuri are large domes, made up of hundreds of flowers.  They are about two meters across.  Actually, I used to wonder how these were watered.  Well, I can say I finally found out!  

Taiwan Pavilion with yellow chrysanthemums at its base

Due to their size, I always thought it would be a difficult job.  Well, there is a simple solution.  The gardeners use bamboo pipes, which are also about two meters long.  They insert them into the base and pour the water down.  So simple!

2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums kengai display

The ogiku chrysanthemums were also fabulous.  They are quite large flowers.  This time I got pictures of them that were most satisfying.  Without a doubt, the pinks were very beautiful.

2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums

Still, all the displays were great.  I couldn’t have been happier.  Probably all the children I had to share Shinjuku Gyoen with, were happy as well!  There were many kids there from both elementary schools and junior/high schools.  Their teachers shepherded them through the area quite quickly.  That made photography very easy!

2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums in a booth

One thing I appreciate about the park is that the gardeners are very creative.  Every year they make tweaks to the displays.  This time they even put yellow chrysanthemums around the Taiwan Pavilion.  That was a first!  It was an incredibly beautiful day.

school children walking past 2021 Shinjuku Gyoen chrysanthemums booth

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If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have seen chrysanthemums at any of the exhibits in Tokyo, please tell us about your visit.  We’d love to hear about your experiences.

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