2022 Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival

The 2022 Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom festival was good. It was an enjoyable day. The weather was great, as were the flowers. Nor was it too crowded. I couldn’t ask for more. Flower photographers had a field day there.

What was my photo gear for this event?

  • Camera body: Fujifilm X-T3
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR

How was the 2022 Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival experience?

While I was at the shrine, the suddenly warm weather was a sign that winter was over. No one was wearing scarves. Heavy coats were nowhere to be seen. Spring had come.

One thing was missing at the 2022 festival. It was a tea ceremony. There was always saw one in the garden in previous years. It might only happen on weekends. I should check that out.

Yushima Tenjin was relatively crowded. Even though I visited it on a weekday, many people were there. The food stalls probably appreciated them.

Everything was very sedate as usual.  Plum blossom festivals always are. Everyone seemed to be happy walking among the flowers and taking pictures. The only thing that got them excited was the monkey show.

Yes, Yushima Tenjin always has a monkey show for the festival. Most people tend to drop what they are doing and watch them when they appear. Actually, I get the feeling that plum blossoms and these performances go together. 

And the main attraction, the flowers? They were in great shape. Most of them were in full bloom. Some hadn’t formed at all, but those were in the minority. There’s no rush, though. That’s the good thing about them. I imagine the flowers will be with us for another couple of weeks.

That is one great thing about plum blossoms. They stay in bloom for a long time. You can see them for nearly a month! Cherry blossoms are with us for only a week or two.

Year of the Tiger

Do you know “ema”? They are votive tablets. You write your wish or desire on them and hang them on symbolic trees at shrines. Hopefully, the gods listen to the petitioner.

Shrines personalise them to some degree each year. 2022 was year of the tiger. The animal represents strength and courage. Yushima Tenjin used it to decorate its ema.

Wrapping up

I hope go to the 2022 Yushima Tenjin Plum Blossom Festival again this year. There were a few more pictures I would like to take. We’ll see what happens. I need to work, and that restricts my photography.

For flower and travel photographers, I highly recommend this event. The plum blossoms are great for photos, but you get the bonus of the shrine as well. Yushima Tenjin should make everyone happy.

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