2023 Kyu-Furukawa Rose Festival

first blush rose in english garden

The 2023 Kyu-Furukawa Rose Festival was a letdown. It wasn’t the garden’s fault, it was mine. I’ve been searching for a new job lately, which has taken all my time. When I got to photograph the flowers, they were well past their best.

bare 2023 kyu furukawa rose festival garden

Let me tell you about the job. I used to be an English teacher. It was what I did for twenty-nine years but the world is changing. I needed to make a change. Tour guiding is something that has always interested me.

aromatherapy rose
An Aromatherapy rose.

A long time ago, I had thought about doing it. At that time, a license was necessary. Now it isn’t. And it wasn’t hard to find someone who would give me a chance. After some training, my first tour is just around the corner. I’m pretty nervous!

Anyway, let’s get back to the 2023 Kyu-Furukawa Rose Festival. The flowers weren’t great, but they were good enough for photography. It was a matter of walking around finding the best. And that took some time because the sun had treated them harshly.

white rose clusters

The weather had been hot. Even though it is May, we’ve seen days of over thirty degrees Celsius. That is warm for this time of year. I wonder what summer 2023 will bring us. And it was very bright, so I didn’t use my flash for many photos.

Golden Medallion rose
A Golden Medallion rose.

So I wish I had got there earlier in the season. Nothing is worse than a garden that is only half filled with flowers. I’ll get another chance. Roses bloom twice a year. October 2023 should be better.

pink roses on wall

What camera gear did I use at the 2023 Kyu-Furukawa Rose Festival?

  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T3
  • Lens: Fujifilm f/2.8 R LM WR
  • Flash: Godox v860II
Kyu Furukawa mansion and garden

There is a full article about Kyu-Furukawa Gardens on this website. Click here to read it. And if you have been there, let us know your thoughts. Leave your questions and comments below.

Kyu Furukawa Ingrid Bergman rose
Still a star - Ingrid Bergman.

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