Experience the Vibrant 47th Oedo-Kakki Parade through photos

Japan’s National Highway was completed in 1972. To celebrate, the Oedo-Kakki Parade was held. In 2019, its participants danced down Chuo-Dori in central Tokyo for the forty-seventh straight year. I attended the event for the first time, and I had no idea what to expect. It turned out to be fun and colorful.

The dancers came from all over Japan. And they included all types – Awa Odori, Sendai Suzume, and Nagasaki Dragon dancers. The outfits were elaborate and beautiful. In the mix were bagpipes, police, and brass bands, too. It was colorful and lively.

And the excitement! The colorful Okinawan dancers were among the best. They knew how to work up a crowd and were very loud! Everyone appreciated their efforts.

The police had a solid traffic control plan for the event. Chuo-Dori (Chuo Road/Street) is quite a few kilometers long, and even though people lined it, there were no problems. When the performers took a break, they didn’t stop on the intersections. They left gaps through which pedestrians and cars could pass. Everything worked like clockwork.

Until I attended this event, I never realized how popular marching bands were in Japan. I had never seen so many in one place. The majority were women’s groups, but the men were well represented. I even saw one bunch in kilts and bearskin hats!

I’m not sure how big the 47th Oedo-Kakki Parade crowd was. But it was big, in some places four or five people deep. It was a most entertaining day! Please enjoy the pictures.

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