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Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms in 2022

The Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms were good.  They hadn’t quite fully bloomed, but they were very close.  I thought they looked beautiful, but luck wasn’t with us this time, the weather was awfully gray.  Still, there were some good photos to be had there.

Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossom road

The star of the day, as always, is cherry blossom road.  It runs through the middle of the cemetery.  That is where everyone goes.  

book tombstone at Aoyama Cemetery

White cherry blossom trees line both sides and their branches arch out over the road.  It looks like a tunnel of flowers.  You’ll get the best pictures there.

The problem is that you need to get into the middle of the road to get pics.  That can be dangerous for obvious reasons.  So, you need to keep your wits around you and look for good breaks in the traffic.  And watch out for bicycles too!

Japanese graves under Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms

I like taking that picture.  Every year I take the same one.  It can’t be helped because it is beautiful.  But that shouldn’t be the only reason for going there.

Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossom tree

Take your time and walk around the Aoyama Cemetery.  There are so many good photos of the Japanese cherry blossom trees around.  It isn’t hard work.  And you’ll probably find a few friendly people to chat with.  This year, I ran into Elle, a vivacious pug and her owner.

bust of man with pink cherry blossoms behind_

For 2022, my favorite photo was of Tokyo Tower.  It’s good to see it flanked by Sakura blossom trees.  Actually, this is a photo I try to get every year.  The important thing is to do it in the morning.  If you leave it till the afternoon, the trees and flowers facing you will all be backlit, making things difficult. 

Tokyo Tower and Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms

The only thing about my time at Aoyama Cemetery was the weather.  If there had been more blue sky, it would have been really good.  Oh well, there is always next year!

Dr Gottfried Wagener grave at Aoyama Cemetery Tokyo

If you have seen the Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms this year, please let us know your thoughts.  We’d love to hear from you.

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