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Beautiful azaleas return to Nezu Shrine in 2021

Spring was back in Tokyo, and I was more than happy.  In 2020 I missed the Azalea Festival at Nezu Shrine.  Coronavirus caused its cancellation.  Now it was back for 2021.  I was excited.  It is one of my favorite events in the city.

House on hill overlooking azaleas

We were back to normal again.  Well, almost.  There was one significant change.  There were no food stalls.  Thanks to the virus, they weren’t allowed.  I missed them.  Eating at festivals is half the fun!  I hoped they would be back in 2022.

hill with beautiful flowers and people walking through

It was good to see the beautiful azaleas again especially great spring weather.  Once again, it was a flower-lovers paradise.  Cameras and smartphones were out in force! 

And in 2021, I did something new.  I bracketed most of the pictures I took.  And as tripods aren’t allowed at Nezu Shrine’s garden, I took every shot handheld.

colorful flowers

It amazes me how far photography has come.  The bracketing option I use on the Fujifilm X-T3 takes three pics.  Then all I need to do is choose two.  Lightroom does the rest.  Usually, I’d do it manually.  But, when there are so many branches and leaves to deal with, I take the easy way out.

colorful azaleas on Nezu Shrine hill
beautiful azaleas and torii gates

One surprising thing was the lack of social distancing.  You can’t see it in these pictures, but too many people congregated in some areas.  I kept my distance as much as possible. 

Beautiful azaleas with Romon gate behind

In May 2021, the number of coronavirus cases had been climbing, so I avoided most of these flower festivals.  The authorities were very concerned, and I made an effort to avoid crowds.

concrete path beautiful azaleas on either side and people looking at them

For those who have been to this festival, please let us know your experience.  You can also read my article about Nezu Shrine on the website too.   It is a terrific place and worth a visit, especially with those beautiful azaleas. 

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