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Beautiful hydrangeas at a canceled Tokyo festival

The Hydrangea Festival at Hakusan Shrine didn’t happen in 2020.  It didn’t happen in 2021 either.  But I went to get some pictures anyway.  

hydrangea-lined path to Hakusan shrine

So, while the festival was canceled, the flowers still bloomed!  I decided to take advantage of that because I thought very few people would be at the shrine.  And that turned out to be true.  When I arrived mid-morning, there weren’t many there.  There were only a couple of photographers and a few dropping in to pray.

many beautiful hydrangeas

But I had a great time.  It was easy to get photos with, so almost no one there.  I only had to wait for a couple of shots which wasn’t a bother.  And that was only for a mother with a baby in a pram to pass through.

One thing could have been better.  There should have been hydrangeas around the shrine itself.  Usually, there are many in planters.   But, with the cancellation of the festival, they weren’t needed.  If they had been there, my day would have been perfect.

blue hydrangea

For this event, I took three lenses with me.  In the end, I only used the XF 16-55mm f/2.8.  The shrine’s grounds are compact, so I didn’t need a zoom or ultra-wide angle. I couldn’t find a reason to use anything else.

pink hydrangeas next to path

In the end, it was disappointing that coronavirus has affected Tokyo this way.  To see Hakusan Shrine’s Hydrangea Festival canceled again was terrible.  But, on the other hand, it was a blessing for me.  I got the flowers to myself.  

hydrangeas with Hakusan shrine before

For that visit, the hydrangeas were in excellent condition.  I have never seen them at their peak before.  They were very impressive.  It was a thrill to be there.

Beautiful hydrangea bed

Hakusan Shrine is an excellent place for flower photography.  It is easy to get to, and the hydrangeas are brilliant.  You should check them out when you have the chance.

Beautiful hydrangeas with Hakusan shrine behind

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If you have questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have ever been to this shrine for the festival, please let us know your thoughts.

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