Tokyo Cemeteries

Here are my Tokyo cemetery articles. I love these places. They are awesome for photography. I can spend hours and hours in them. Here is my list of why they are great. I could write much more, but let’s keep it to four:

  1. Unique Design: Tokyo’s cemeteries are visually interesting. Many of them have elaborate gates, ornate gravestones, and intricate statues. You’ll find Buddhist, Shinto, Christian and Muslim influences in them. 
  2. Seasons: The changing seasons in Tokyo make cemeteries an excellent place for photography. In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, providing a beautiful backdrop for pictures. In the fall, the leaves change color, creating a beautiful palette of oranges, yellows, and reds.
  3. Tranquility: Cemeteries are often quiet, peaceful places. They have excellent atmospheres for contemplative or meditative photography. This makes them an ideal location for capturing mood and emotion in photographs.
  4. Historical Significance: Tokyo’s cemeteries have a rich history. Some date back several centuries. This historical significance allows photographers to capture a sense of the past. They can also document the city’s cultural heritage.

Tokyo’s cemeteries offer unique and intriguing opportunities. Photographers can capture the city’s history, culture, and natural beauty. However, be respectful of the deceased and their families when photographing in these solemn spaces.

Tokyo Cemetery Articles