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Cherry blossoms at Chidorigafuchi in 2017

Chidorigafuchi is a popular place for cherry blossoms. It is beautiful when the flowers bloom. The scene is complete when rowboats are on the water. Photographers and everyone in Tokyo else flock there.

rowboats under Tokyo cherry blossoms

But I’ve never liked it because everyone flocks there during the cherry blossom season.  The paths are like a mosh pit.  People bounce off others as they move around.  Enter at your own risk.

rowboats on pond near cherry blossoms
Chidorigafuchi cherry blossoms and boats

In 2017, I had a plan to avoid that.  I arrived early before the crowd.  It made walking and taking pictures easy.  Even the deck above the boathouse had space!  It was pleasant!

The trees weren’t at their best, but that was ok!  It was refreshing to be there with so few people.  I could move around and photograph freely.  There was no bouncing off people as in previous years.  The rowboats added a little extra.  In the end, I was pleased.  It got a big thumbs up from me for a change.

rowboats at Chidorigafuchi
cherry blossoms behind rowboats

In 2017 I learned something useful.  Chidorigafuchi has toilets if you need them.  But, during the cherry blossom season, they have lines almost a mile long.  There is a simple solution.  If you walk over the road to the Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery, there are ones no one uses.  They are only a few tens of meters away and near the entrance!

people watching rowboats under Chidorigafuchi cherry blossoms
people walking under cherry blossoms

You should go to Chidorigafuchi one day.  And I hope you go when the trees are at their best.  It is a beautiful place.  But go before the crowds arrive!

cherry blossoms and rowboat

Where is Chidorigafuchi?

It is a park on Tokyo Imperial Palace’s moat, across from Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery  The closest subway stations are:

  1.  Hanzomon, and;
  2.  Kudanshita.

Here is a Google map:

Wrapping up

If you have been to this place to see the cherry blossoms, let me know your thoughts. Of course, if you have been to any of Tokyo’s festivals to see these flowers, tell us that too.

Chidorigafuchi rowboat on pond

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