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Cherry blossoms at Hikarigaoka Park in 2017

Once, Shinjuku Gyoen was my preferred place for cherry blossoms.  It had a manicured look.  The staff kept everything picture-perfect. I went there because every other photographer in Tokyo went there.  The park was my image of perfection.  But in 2017, I wanted somewhere new.  So, I went to Hikarigaoka park in Tokyo’s Nerima ward.  It was different.  

People on cherry blossom road
cherry blossoms over bike path

It was pure Tokyo suburbia.  Look at it on a map.  It is in the middle of a sea of houses.  Inside are tennis courts, a baseball field, a running track, a bird sanctuary, a gymnasium, and a kyudo range.  It’s the kind of place where the locals hang out.  They go there to walk, jog, kick a ball around with the kids, or even have a picnic.  Once they finish, they go to the coffee shops at nearby malls.  You wouldn’t find anything manicured there.

people having picnic under cherry blossoms at Hikarigaoka Park
cherry blossoms at Hikarigoaka Park

On the day I went, people were having picnics under the trees. The weather was nice and warm. It was a good afternoon. Unfortunately, the trees weren’t at their best.

I looked at these pictures again several years after I took them.  There are many bicycles in them.  It made me realize how important they are in Tokyo.  For most people, they are easier to use than cars.  Due to various reasons, most cars won’t be in a garage at the owner’s house.  They’ll rent a spot in some garage, whether it is undercover or not.  

cherry blossom tree in middle of Hikarigaoka Park
Hikarigaoka Park cherry blossoms

Your car will only be a short walk away if you are lucky.  I’ve also known people who had to catch trains to get to them, so only use them on special occasions.  Whichever case, for short trips, bicycles are far easier to use.

Hikarigaoka Park in Tokyo-6

If you have ever been to Hikarigaoka Park to see the cherry blossoms, please let me know your thoughts about it. Of course, if you have been to any of Tokyo’s festivals for these lovely flowers, tell us that too.

Bicycles at Hikarigaoka Park
people having a picnic at Hikarigaoka Park

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