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Dango is my go-to Japanese comfort food

Do you know Dango?  It is one of my go-to Japanese foods when I feel a little hungry.  They are delicious and won’t hurt your budget.  Combine that with them being very traditional, and you get a little piece of heaven for your tummy.  

Japanese wagashi on plate next to cup of tea

Rice flour is the main ingredient.  It is rolled into little balls, put on a skewer, and covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze or red bean paste.  There are many regional variations, of course.

3 sticks of Dango in plastic container

Many people usually have Dango with a cup of green tea.  I don’t bother with the tea, as I like to eat them when out walking.  That can be a problem as Japan lacks rubbish bins to dispose of rubbish.  A minor issue, I know, but annoying all the same!

This is apparent at Mount Takao, where a couple of shops specialize in them.  They make giant-sized Dango, but there isn’t a rubbish bin in sight. I hate having to carry the sticky skewers home in my bag.  

3 sticks of Dango

To avoid that, I also have them at home with coffee.  Can I hear Japanese foodies screaming, “Coffee?”.  They go well together.  Yes, it is true.  There’s nothing wrong with it.

3 sticks of dango on white plate next to cup of green tea

Where can you buy Dango? 

Shops specializing in Japanese sweets have them, but those are usually expensive.  You can buy cheaper ones at festival stalls, heated over a charcoal stove.  Another place is at your local supermarket or convenience store.   I got these at an Ozeki supermarket in Tokyo for ¥109 (tax not included).  They were an absolute bargain.

3 dango on plate with cup of tea behind on right

Is Dango healthy?

I used to think they were very healthy.  But they contain a lot of sugar.  So, if you are trying to lose weight, you should probably look for another dessert.  That might make your dentist happy too.  Or you could just brush your teeth more.

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you know any great place to buy Dango, tell us that too!  By the way, try them with coffee and tell us your thoughts.

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