Delicious Pikachu and friends at Mister Donut

Mister Donut Pikachu donut
The Pikachu donut.

Mister Donut brought out its Pikachu line in 2020. I walked past my local store and saw the poster advertising it in August of that year. All its sugar-filled goodness looked tempting! Because I have a weight problem I normally refrain from eating these things. But after seeing the Pokémon series, I couldn’t help myself. That looked great. And I used the excuse of food photography to buy some.

Of course, this was a collaboration with the Pokémon franchise. Even though this series had appeared in other years, it was my first time buying them. I walked out of the shop with three: Pikachu, Chansey, and a Pokéball.  What would they be like?

I ate Pikachu first.  Due to the color of the icing, I thought he would have a banana taste. He didn’t! Inside was pudding-flavored whipped custard. It tasted pretty good.

Mister Donut Chansey donut
The Chansey donut.

Next was Chansey.  His hands held an egg that was a mini donut. It was a segment of the popular Pon de Ring. Inside was whipped custard. 

The last one was the Poké Ball. It was basically a cream puff with strawberry icing. Once again, no complaints. It was delicious, after all!

Would I buy them again? The most expensive one was 259 yen, which was quite pricey. And to be honest, the only difference between them and the others was that these were from Pokémon. So, they looked good. But as they only end up in my stomach, I can live with the cheaper stuff. I have no problem with that!

Poké Ball donut
The Poké Ball donut.

When I took these photographs, it made me want a macro lens. Macro lenses are usually associated with flowers and bugs. But they can help photograph food too.

Anyway, there are a couple of other Pokémon donuts available. I haven’t tried those, but let us know your thoughts if you have. 

Mister Donut photo gear:

  • Camera body: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 35mm f/2 R WR
  • Flash: Godox V860II

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