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Design Festa Summer + Gakuten 2016

August 2016 saw Design Festa Summer + Gakuten at Tokyo Big Sight.  The city had a massive art and entertainment show in Odaiba for a weekend. Creators and performers gave visitors so much to enjoy.  I got many good photos that day.

Japanese woman with paint on face at Design Festa Summer + Gakuten

It was huge, and anyone could join.   It wasn’t only professionals.  People from every skill level were there.  There were paintings, fashion, art, live performances, and more. Anything you wanted, you could find.

woman with headhphones painting large wall mural

I enjoyed it as there was a lot of high-quality stuff.   Just walking around the five hundred or so booths was fun.  For example, some obsidian knives were very cool. But they were expensive!  If I could have bought them, I would have.  I wonder how my wife would have reacted to seeing me carry them into the house?

There was a stage too.  Some of its performers were amazing.  There were dancers, bands, and some stuff I couldn’t describe!  Anyway, I watched quite a few.  Local J-pop band Owlman/Blossom (オウルマンxブロッサム) was my favorite.  They were good musicians and had a good stage presence.  

obsidian knives on wooden tray
Obsidian knives! These were very expensive but beautiful.
オウルマンxブロッサム at Design Festa Summer + Gakuten
J-pop band Owlman/Blossom.
Sales floor at Design Festa Summer + Gakuten

2016 saw an increase in people attending from overseas.  I talked to people from England, Brazil, Taiwan, and the U.S.A.  Some were visitors, some lived here, and others were creators.  Some of their experiences were most interesting.  One of them told me they traveled the world, going from country attending art festivals.  That was how they made a living. 

Japanese woman with paint on face at Design Festa Summer + Gakuten
I think this gentleman was from Brazil. He was an incredible artist.
woman and small dolls

Design Festa Summer + Gakuten was all about art so you didn’t need to speak Japanese.  All you needed to do was walk around and look.  It was entertaining and friendly.

women looking at postcards on table

At 1000 yen, it would be impossible to find a cheaper day’s entertainment.  Design Festa Summer + Gakuten was the brainchild of Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo’s Harajuku. 

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