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Design Festa vol 44 Asia’s biggest art show

In November 2016, I went to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba for Design Festa vol 44.  At that time, the promoters billed it as the largest art show in Asia.  Well, it was more than that.  From start to stop, it was all entertainment. 

cat dolls
dancers on main stage at Design Festa vol 44

It was diverse, with its artists, creators, photographers, and designers.  There were paintings, sculptures, fashion, art, accessories, live music, and food. Of course, you could see some quirky stuff too.  It was open to everyone, professionals through to students!

man looking at paintings

The artwork at Design Festa vol 44 was impressive.  Many of the artists had incredible skills.  You could especially see that with the murals.  Some of them were massive and incredibly detailed.

man playing guitar

Everything on sale was high quality.  You could pick up environmentally-friendly iPhone speakers, paintings, clothes, jewelry, accessories, and more.  

man selling photographs

Many people were in cosplay.  Some of them put so much effort into their costumes.  My favorite was steampunk-inspired.  It had a WW1-style gasmask and a huge gun.  Compasses, bags, and tools hung from the leather jacket.  To be honest, I didn’t know if the person underneath it was male or female!  That outfit would be great at Halloween in Shibuya!

woman painting large mural at Design Festa vol 44

The only thing that wasn’t so good was the weather.  Outside, the number of people seemed to be down compared to previous events as the clouds were very grey.  But, the dull weather didn’t affect the music.   I especially enjoyed the groups Nagashima and Patron.  A U.S. group, Captain Wailer and the Harpoons, was also there.  They were very loud and very entertaining. Anyway, all of them were great.

steampunk cosplay at Design Festa vol 44
My favorite cosplayer from the day.
people watching stage performance

The tickets were 1000 yen, which was a super price.  You could have spent the whole day there.  It was tremendous value for money.  !

woman selling sketches
American man playing guitar at Design Festa vol 44
Captain Wailer and the Harpoons on the outdoor stage.

Design Festa and Gakuten, for students, is run by Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku. 

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