Does Tokyo look like Coruscant?

Golden Hour Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree at golden hour.

Coruscant? Does Tokyo look like the planet from the Star Wars universe? I think so. Of course, they are not the same but share some similarities. Yes, I’m just having a little fun in this article.

Tokyo is a city. Coruscant is a planet. There is a massive difference between them, I know! But get above the ground. Then you can see the concrete and steel that seem to stretch out forever on both.

And the feeling is especially strong at night. When the streets darken and, the lights come on, I always get that sci-fi feeling. And it’s strong when the clouds are dark and gloomy.

Does Tokyo look like Coruscant?

The urban sprawl is incredible. I know one is a smaller version of the other, but there are many similarities. There are so many huge buildings and towers. Tokyo goes forever, just like Coruscant. Can’t you see it?

At times I can easily imagine scenes from Star Wars. I see Tie fighters and X-wings racing through skyscraper-lined streets. They dart in and out of the canyons made of tall buildings. Laser beams sear the air.

One day, Tokyo might be the stage for one of the movies. It could happen. Well, it gave some inspiration to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

Where did I take these photos?

I took them from the observation deck of I-Link Tower. That is a one-minute walk from Ichikawa Station. If you go to the 45th floor, you’ll see this incredible view.

What can you see from I-Link Tower?

  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo skyline
  • Mount Fuji (when the weather is fine)

When did I take these photos?

I took them at I-Link Tower on two separate occasions: 1) November 11, 2020, and; 2) September 4, 2022.

Wrapping up

I-Link Tower is an excellent place for panoramic views of Tokyo. Local photographers love it. And luckily, the observation deck is rarely crowded. I can only attribute that to the building being in Chiba, far from central Tokyo.

But whenever I go there, the weather is usually cloudy. And that explains why there is no Mount Fuji here. One day, in autumn or winter, I’ll go when the skies are clearer and photograph the famous mountain.

Anyway, Do you think I’m right about Tokyo looking like Coruscant? Or am I completely and utterly wrong? Or is there another choice? Might Blade Runner be closer to the mark? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Expect another post another article about I-Link Tower. I’d love to get a nice photo of Mount Fuji behind Tokyo. That would be amazing. Hopefully, I’ll do it in 2022. EDIT:  Those photos can be seen through the link below.

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