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Ebisu Garden Place Tower has beautiful evening views

In January 2020, I was walking around Shinagawa Station.  I was scouting places to shoot train light trails.  There were a few potential spots, but once it reached 4 pm, I started to think about going home.  I was near Ebisu, and the sky was looking good.  So, I decided to find a place to enjoy the sunset and early evening views.  The perfect place for that was Ebisu Garden Place Tower.

Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers

Well, when I got out of the elevator to the building, clouds had obscured the sun.  So I went to the other side to enjoy the windows on the southeast side.  They faced the inner city area.  

Tokyo sunset

It was a different story.  Daylight was ebbing away.  But, the lights were coming on.  Skytree and Tokyo Tower were glowing pillars.   Neon light studded Shibuya and Shinjuku.  The city was slowly but surely coming to life.

I enjoy that transitional time when day turns to night.  Sun glitters off the tops of buildings, and the sky becomes purple for a while before fading into black.  As building lights go on, the magic starts.

Tokyo Skytree and skyscrapers

The city is so different at night.  I enjoy living here, but I wouldn’t call Tokyo a beautiful city in the traditional sense.  During the day, it is a true concrete jungle.  But the night is so different.  It’s all glitter and gold.  

Tokyo skyscrapers

And for these pictures, I used the Fujifilm 55-200 for most of these pictures.  This lens allowed me to zoom in on specific areas that looked interesting and ignore those that didn’t.  The results made me very happy.

Roppongi Hill and Tokyo skyscrapers

It wasn’t long after I took these photos that the pandemic happened and changed the city.  My photographic habits changed to avoid going out during rush hours.  But things are returning to some type of normality.  I will start night shoots soon.

Shinjuku skyscrapers

And we need new pictures!  Some new buildings have gone up, and the Tokyo skyline has changed.  How much it will change is the question.  But no mistake, it is changing.  The views are going to be great for cityscape photographers. It makes me wonder about the future of Tokyo Tower. How much life is left in that observatory? Many buildings are starting to surround it.

Tokyo skyline at night

While Ebisu Garden Place Tower isn’t a real observatory, it has beautiful evening views. For anyone who likes cityscape or panorama photography, it should be on their bucket list. You can see the building’s website here.  Its top floors have some amazing restaurants. Please leave any questions and comments below.

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