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Fewer Rockabilly Strangers dancing at Yoyogi Park

Wow, there were so few Strangers dancing at Yoyogi Park when I took these photographs in 2021.  I was so looking forward to photographing the Harajuku Rockabilly group.  After all, it had been quite a long time since I last saw them.  This was quite a letdown, but it couldn’t be helped.  Life is full of ups and downs.  On the good side, I learned one cool thing.

Strangers dancing at Yoyogi Park

Usually, the Strangers have about twenty people there. Sometimes, you’ll see other rockabilly groups with them, like Fairlady. This time there were only four in total.

male Stranger dancing
Stranger doing air guitar

I couldn’t believe it as the weather was perfect for outdoor dancing.  The skies were clear, and while it was cool, it wasn’t cold.  There were plenty of people in Yoyogi Park.  It was the perfect mid-December day.

Still, those that were seemed to enjoy themselves.  They did their air guitar routines and had their combs to ensure their hair was perfect.  And they had the rockabilly sounds of yesteryear to entertain everyone.

woman Rockabilly dancer on ground
woman Rockabilly dancer

And that cool thing?  Did you know white balance still influences black and white photos?  If you play around with the slider in Lightroom, it changes the look of your photos.  I’ll be incorporating that into my workflow from now.  That was a nice discovery.

greaser dancing at Yoyogi Park
female Stranger gripping her jacket

Anyway, sorry for such a short article, but life is like that at times.  Hopefully, the next time I go to Yoyogi Park, we’ll have more Strangers there.  And if you have seen these dancers, what did you think?  Please let us know.

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