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First time Birdwatching at Kasai Rinkai Park

It was my first time birdwatching at Kasai Rinkai Park.  I was excited to go there.  Over the past few weeks, I had shot many Brown-eared bulbuls in Suginami Ward, but they’re small and hide in trees.  Now, I wanted to photograph something bigger and more exciting.  Going to one of Tokyo’s beaches seemed perfect.  My target was to capture something flying over water.

great cormorant flying at Kasai Rinkai Park

Some birdwatching websites had recommended the park.  According to the information, it would be an opportunity to photograph the birds I wanted.  With some luck, I’d get an osprey or kestrel.

great egret flying at Kasai Rinkai Park

On a Sunday afternoon, after I finished work, I got on the train.  The park is near Disneyland, in Edogawa Ward, which makes it far for me. Still, it was good heading to the beach. 

The park isn’t only about birds. It has a Ferris Wheel and an aquarium.  Expect to see plenty of people picnicking there in the warmer months.  It’s family-oriented.

Greater scaup at Kasai Rinkai Park

I enjoyed the views.  There was a lot to see. The following were visible from the beach:

  • Tokyo Gate Bridge
  • city skyline
  • huge ships and pleasure boats on the water.  
  • Disneyland and DisneySea
  • Chiba Prefecture on the far side of the bay

With such a backdrop, Kasai Rinkai Park is great for bird photography.  On the grounds is a bird-watching center which is currently closed.  It has some ponds that contain ducks near it. 

great egret in Tokyo Bay

The other option is the beach.  It isn’t a place for swimming, but people use it for activities such as flying kites and playing baseball.  If you go for birdwatching, you’ll need to work around them.

White-cheeked Starling standing on rocks

And this is where you’ll need to go if you don’t want to photograph the ducks in the ponds.  There are two islands.  The east one is a bird reserve, so you won’t be able to use it.

Grey heron standing on rocks

That leaves you with the west island.  You can walk across a bridge to it.  On my first visit, I found its east side to be the best.  Some of the birds I photographed were:

  • Eurasian Coots
  • Great cormorants
  • Great egrets
  • Grey herons 
  • White-cheeked starlings

Where is Kasai Rinkai Park?

It is on the east side of Tokyo, not from Disneyland.  The closest station is Kasai-Rinkai Park.  The following train lines go there:

  • Keiyo
  • Musashino

Here is a map:

Opening hours

The park is open twenty-four hours a day, but the bridge to West Island closes at 5 pm.

Wrapping up

Birdwatching at Kasai Rinkai Park was great.  I learned something, though.  Birding blogs showed that goshawks, harriers and kestrels visit it.  They weren’t there.  

I skipped one fact when doing research.  Many are seasonal.  Of course, they won’t be there all year round.  I’ll remember that next time.

And next time, I’ll go straight to the beach.  I like ducks, but I’d rather spend my time looking for bigger birds.  The ponds don’t offer enough to hold my interest.

grey heron flying

Anyway, I had a great time.  The ocean views were amazing.   They add something to the photographs.  I’ll go again for sure.  

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