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A fun Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018

Once again, October 30 rolled around, and that meant Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018!  That’s not a real word, is it? I’ve never heard it, so I’m sure it’s something I’ve invented (sorry!). But Shibuya knew it and treated it very seriously.  People in fantastic outfits having a great time flooded the streets.

Venom cosplayer at Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018

I had two favorites in 2018!  One was Venom, who was very cool.  The other was a pair of chickens.  They were campaigning against karaage (fried chicken).  That made me cluck.

crowded Center-Gai for Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018
Shibuya’s Center-Gai was very crowded for the night.
undead zipper-faced cosplayer

Of course, there were the ones we see every year.  There were undead nurses, nuns, Marios, Wallys, and brides. Brides were of both types, alive and dead.

It was also my first time to see a kyonshi.  That is a zombie originating from Chinese.  They hop around everywhere.

catwoman cosplayers at Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018

A wolf with a machine gun was also looking for a girl in a red outfit.  Apparently, he wanted to settle an old score.  I think I had seen him before somewhere.

wolf with machine-gun at Halloween in Shibuya

If you ever visit the event, you need to pay attention to the crowd.  There are so many people that you need to be careful.  The area in front of the station is crowded. When the lights were green Shibuya Crossing everyone rushed out into the middle.  But, the worst place is Center Gai.  Center Gai is very narrow, and with so many people in it, you nearly have to push your way through to get to the other end. It is a sea of people. Whatever happens, don’t fall over!

undead maid cosplayers at Shibuya Halloween Eve 2018

Crowds aside, it was a good, fun night. I don’t know what it is, but people at Shibuya Halloween Eve become the friendliest on the planet. During the night, everyone accepted requests for photographs with smiles. Full marks to a great crowd!

undead girls at Shibuya Halloween Eve
3 boy zombie cosplayers in Shibuya

And let’s not forget that it was only a prequel to the big night, October 31! That was bigger! I also visited that, so please come back to see more pictures when I republish them.

2 undead girls at Shibuya Crossing_

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