Ginza is too hot for fashion

Ginza Waco Department store
The famous Ginza Waco Department store.

Ginza is the place for fashion in Tokyo. It has all the high-end brands. You name it; you can get it there. Christian Dior, Gucci, and Chanel all have shops there. It’s where the rich and powerful often go to relax. If you need a hostess club, it is the place. Take a big wallet! It is the place for fashion.

But, on weekends, everyday Tokyoites go there for a day out and to indulge their shopping needs. That makes it an excellent place for street photography. I followed them with my Fujifilm X-T3 camera on a Sunday afternoon. 

It was a furnace. As soon as I got out of the Ginza subway station, a wave of heat hit me. Everywhere I looked, people were carrying umbrellas or portable fans. Everyone was trying to keep cool. It was too hot for high fashion.

People on Chuo-Dori pedestrian mall
The Chuo-Dori pedestrian mall.

Ginza is the original concrete jungle. Asphalt and glass made it a heatsink. Heat reflected off everything. It felt like an oven—people dressed for comfort. T-shirts and loose-fitting clothes were the fashion. You do whatever you can to get cool.

There was one surprising thing. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have been knowing about Japan. I couldn’t believe how many people wore masks in the heat. Government officials have warned about them because of the fear of heatstroke. There is no mandate to wear them. But the crowd accepts them as de rigueur.

Where did I go for street photography in Ginza?

Ginza has many backstreets where you’ll find all sorts of shops, restaurants, and clubs. But most people head to Chuo-Dori (or Chuo Street/Road). Walk there and throw a coin. I’m sure it’ll hit the door of a high-class brand shop. The Japanese are fashionable people. And this is one of the places they like to hang out. I followed.

On weekends, Chuo-Dori is closed to traffic. Cars can only get across it at the intersection. Everywhere else is a pedestrian mall. Umbrellas with tables and chairs are on the road for shoppers to use. t’s nice in spring and autumn. But in the Tokyo summer, it can feel oppressive. 

Photographers were there to capture it. They had their big cameras and even bigger zoom lenses. Their favorite place is the 4-Chome intersection. It’s a magnet for people. On one side is the famous Wako Department Store with its clock tower. Across the road is the Nissan Showroom.

Ginza Yamaha Building
The Ginza Yamaha Building.

I didn’t limit myself to that area. But the further I went from the pedestrian crossing, the fewer people I saw. Maybe they didn’t want to wander far from the cool of the department stores’ air-conditioning.

Anyway, while I was walking, it gave me a chance to check out some of Ginza’s buildings. Some of its architecture is cool. The Wako Department Store, with its clock tower, is very classical. And I love the facade of the Yamaha Building. It is colorful.

Yes, I’ve criticized Tokyo’s architecture in the past. It’s a changing place, though. There were some nice new buildings in the streets surrounding Ginza’s Chuo-Dori. One day, I’ll photograph them. Hopefully, it won’t be on such a hot summer day!

Wrapping up

Ginza is a great place for street photography. It is bright and colorful. And you will find many beautiful people there. But if you go in summer, dress to be cool. Leave the high fashion at home! 

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