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The best photography guide to Hachitama Observatory

In Tokyo, there are many observatories to enjoy some fantastic city views. Many have something unique. So does Fuji Television’s Hachitama Observatory. It is on top of a TV station. From it, you can enjoy the waterfront, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and the rest of the city skyline. It’s pretty incredible.

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and city skyline

Rainbow Bridge dominates the view. I love how it stretches over the water, joining the Shinagawa area of Tokyo to Odaiba. Whether it be day or night, it looks fantastic. To get the best of it, go during the colder months. Under the setting sun, the view is magnificent.

Tokyo Skytree behind tower apartment buildings

The observatory has a few quirks, but most photographers will be able to deal with them.  But best of all, the deck is rarely crowded.  Well, that has been my experience there.

What’s to photograph from Hachitama Observatory?

Photography tips for the observatory

  1. As with most other observatories in Tokyo, you can’t use tripods or monopods. That means stabilization for cameras would be helpful when the sky darkens.
  2. In the evening, the interior lights come on, so reflections in the room come off the windows. But, you can’t use lens hoods or cloth to block them.
  3. There are towers on either side of the deck, posing problems. This will be very clear when you want to photograph Tokyo Skytree.
  4. As its current closing time is 5 pm, it is now impossible in the warmer months to enjoy evening or night views.
  5. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a temperature check. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5⁰c will not be able to enter.
Yurikamome train approaching Daiba station in the evening

Where is Hachitama Observatory?

Hachitama is above the Fuji Television station. It is only a short walk from Daiba Station (Yurikamome Line) or Tokyo Teleport Station (Rinkai Line). Outside the building is an escalator that takes you to the ticket office on the seventh floor. After purchasing your ticket, another elevator takes you to the observatory.

Here is a Google map:

Opening hours

The observatory’s English website (which is down at the moment) says it is open from 10 am to 6 pm, but this is incorrect. It is open from 11 am to 5 pm (with the last admission at 4:30 pm) and closed Mondays. Hopefully, Fuji TV will update the information one day!

Tokyo skyscrapers behind Rainbow Bridge

Admission costs

Seven hundred yen (¥700).

Other photo spots near the Hachitama Observatory

Which is better, Hachitama or Telecom Center?

Telecom Center is another Odaiba observatory, and it is not too far away. I enjoy both, but the perspectives they offer are very different.

Tokyo city skyline and Hama Rikyu Garden

Wrapping up

There is a lot to see from Hachitama. But with Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower so prominent, I’m sure that is what will interest most people. In the early evening and when the weather is clear, that view is stunning (just remember closing time is 5 pm!).

Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal in front of many large buildings

If you go there for that one shot, it’ll be one of the best cityscape photographs of Tokyo ever. Any questions or comments can be left below.

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