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Hakusan Shrine hydrangeas 2018

In 2018, I went to the Hakusan Shrine Hydrangea Festival.  It was my third or fourth visit there.  I got up very early, before 6 am, thinking that if I got to the station before 7 am I could miss the morning rush hour.  Well, how wrong I was.  The trains, from Takaido to Jinbocho, even well before 8 am were full.  Still, it was worth it as I got to the shrine early enough to avoid its crowds.  As expected, my bad luck continued, as the sky was overcast.  During my visit, I didn’t see one patch of blue.  Still, I got some nice flower photos.

hydrangea bushes in front of Hakusan shrine

If you don’t know anything about Hakusan Shrine, it is tiny.  While it is tiny, it has 3000 hydrangeas, which should be enough to make everyone happy.  And there is even a hill dedicated to them (only open from 9 am). The main hall has plants all around it.

violet hydrangea bush

Taking photographs under clouds wasn’t a bad thing, as it was diffused light.  But, shooting with some blue skies would make the pictures more attractive, wouldn’t it?  I’m sure most people would agree. 

To be honest, Hakusan Shrine hydrangeas 2018 was a little lacking. You might notice that some of the flowers were starting to wilt.  I got there too late in the season. 

hydrangeas under wooden torii

It would be nice to be a professional and get to these events in a timely manner, but I need to make a living first.  At the moment, having a day job has priority. One day, photography might be my full-time job.  That won’t happen for a long time, but it is my dream.

pink hydrangea bush
blue and pink hydrangea bushes

Hakusan Shrine hydrangeas 2018 was good, but there was no chance to chat with people like the previous year.  If you are looking for places to see hydrangeas in the inner city area, this shrine is the best place to go.  But if traveling is not a problem, Takahata Fudoson in Hino City might be for you.  Whatever you chose, both are excellent.

hydrangeas on stone path up small hill

If you don’t know anything about hydrangeas, they come in blue, red, white, pink, or purple. There are two types.  One is ball-shaped, and the other has a rather flat center core, surrounded by an outer ring of flowers. And that is the extent of my knowledge!  I still need to learn more about them.

blue hydrangea bushes

For those of you with questions, please leave them in the space below. And if you have any useful tips about flower photography, I’d love to hear those too.

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