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Hibiya Park Chrysanthemums in 2019

The Hibiya Park chrysanthemums of 2019 were excellent.  Its display area might not have been as beautiful as Shinjuku Gyoen’s, but the flowers were terrific.  They were amongst the best I’ve ever seen.

Hibiya Park yellow chrysanthemums

And they had something a little different from other places!  Bonsai chrysanthemums!  Until 2019, I had never seen them.  These days, I see them all the time!   Maybe they were just so small I couldn’t see them with my bad eyesight?  Anyway, they were pretty.  I thought growing them might be difficult, or they need some unique technique.  

orange chrysanthemums
yellow bonsai chrysanthemums

That is not the case, one of the growers told me.  He told me that it wasn’t hard.  The only thing you need to pay attention to is cutting to get the desired shape.

2019 was an excellent chrysanthemum year.  All the exhibits were outstanding.  And the weather was perfect too.  I doubt I will ever see better conditions.

yellow kengai chrysathemums in bamboo display case

Hibiya Park might be better known for its roses.  Every year it puts up some fantastic displays of those flowers.  They draw huge crowds as the park is in the middle of the city and businesses surround. 

pink bonsai chrysanthemums
chrysanthemums in bambook display case

Did you visit Hibiya Park in 2019 to see the chrysanthemums?  I’m sure we’d all enjoy hearing your thoughts.  One last thing, there is an article on this website about the park you can read. 

chrysanthemum bushes

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