Higo Hosokawa Garden: A photo guide

Higo Hosokawa Garden is an excellent place in spring and autumn.  With its flowers and trees, nature photographers should find it interesting.  It is also pretty enough to enjoy your bento at lunchtime!  And nearby are some photo spots that add more value.

The park is small, with a carp-filled pond dominating its center.  A tree-covered hill is on one side, and a lawn is on another.  Winding paths circle the area.  A few stone lanterns and a pagoda dot the grounds.

It is a great place, especially for lunch. You can’t have a barbeque, but there are benches on which to enjoy a bento. Bright sunny days always see lots of people eating outside. And if you are lucky, there might even be a couple in kimonos, having their wedding photographs taken.

There is a house/administration office on the grounds.  You can enter it, but it doesn’t contain much of interest.  Most people visit it to use the toilets and drink machines.  On the hill above the park is Eisei Bunko Museum.  It houses an art collection from the Hosokawa family.

A Brief History of Higo Hosokawa

At the beginning of the Edo period, Higo Hosokawa was home to one of the Shogunate’s retainers. The Shimizu family at some point took it over. After them was the Hitotsubashi family and then the Hosokawa. 

In the post-war period, ownership changed several times. In 1961, it became a metropolitan park. Bunkyo Ward took over its administration in 1975.

What can you photograph at Higo Hosokawa?

  • There are lots of flowers and trees.  
  • In spring, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms.  
  • Autumn leaves.
  • There is yukitsuri (a rope technique used to protect trees from snow) of the pine trees in winter in the colder months.

Photo spots are near Higo Hosokawa

Higo Hosokawa details

See the park’s location and opening hours on the official website.

Wrapping up

If you want something different for nature photography in Tokyo, Higo Hosokawa might be for you. Go there in spring or autumn with your camera. It should have enough to keep you occupied for quite a while. You could even enjoy lunch there. Make sure to rug up if you go in winter! Please leave your questions and comments below.

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