Tokyo’s Vibrant Hydrangea Festival 2023 at Hakusan Shrine

I went to Hydrangea Festival 2023 at Hakusan Shrine in Tokyo. Vibrant colors, cultural traditions, and nature’s beauty filled it. Through this article’s photos, you can see it, too.

Hakusan Shrine is in the Bunkyo ward. It is another tranquil oasis in the urban chaos. As you step into the grounds, the modern cityscape melts away. You find yourself in a serene and peaceful environment.

The shrine’s origins date back over a thousand years to 948. It is a branch of Mount Hakusan’s Shirayamahime Shrine in Ishikawa Prefecture. That adds a layer to the historical significance of the Hydrangea Festival. 

I got to Hakusan Shrine late in the season. It didn’t matter. The garden was still a riot of colors. The sight was mesmerizing. Blue, pink, and lavender petals created a harmonious tapestry. The only fault I could find was few flowers around the steps of the shrine and the temizuya (handwash basins). They had been there in previous years. I missed them.

As I wandered through the Hakusan Shrine’s hydrangea gardens, tranquility enveloped me. It made me happy that I went. Photographing the flowers gave me respite from preparing for my new career. I never knew job preparation would be tough. There is much to memorize to be a tour guide. The short break was good.

And there is something else we need to remember. Photography captures memories to cherish forever. You will never see that image again if you don’t take it. Take as many as you can!

I took several hundred photos at Hydrangea Festival 2023. It would be great to show them all. But space is limited. They are still on my hard drive so they won’t disappear.

So here is a  tip if you ever visit Hakusan Shrine . Take a camera so you can take home memories to cherish forever. Actually, you should take photos whenever the chance arises. You’ll be glad you did one day.

Let’s get back to the Japanese hydrangeas. They were beautiful with their vibrant colors. And as they surrounded the shrine we had endless opportunities for photos.

Hakusan Shrine Hydrangea Festival 2023 offered a unique and enchanting experience for photographers. It served as a reminder of the need to preserve nature’s beauty and Japan’s cultural heritage. So, if you are ever here in late spring or early summer, head to this hidden oasis.

I almost forgot something. Hakusan’s Hydrangea Hill was open after a three-year hiatus! Maybe “mound” might be a better term to describe it. It is pretty small. Anyway, a long line of people waited to explore it. And that’s a wrap! A visit to the 2023 Hydrangea Festival is over for another year!

Hakusan Shrine Hydrangea Festival 2023 camera gear:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 camera
  • Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR lens

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