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Ikebukuro Glasses Museum crazy and colorful wall

Are glasses instagrammable?  They might be.  There is a wall of them in Ikebukuro that looks like it would be right at home on Instagram.  No joke, it is about ten meters high.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.  You’ll find them at a glasses shop, not far from the JR station.  There must be a few thousand pairs, at least.

Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan glass museum

The name of the shop is Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan.  We could translate that into English as the “Museum for Long-sighted Glasses.”  I will ask the owner why he decided to call it that one day.

Everything inside is very cheap.  You can get some glasses for a few hundred yen, and some of the more expensive ones range up to about six thousand yen.  They all come with lenses, so you need to look around till you find what you need.  Hopefully, the frame you want will be there too.

glasses on wall

Anyway, let’s get back to the photo.  The spectacles are straightforward to photograph.  All you need to do is stand across the road and snap away.  I also took a few pictures looking straight up and from the sides.

The glasses on the facade of the building seem to be plastic.  And they are quite a mix of colors.  It must have taken quite a few days to tie all of them to the frame.  

1000s of glasses

There is only one problem taking this picture.  That is the perspective.  As you will be photographing up, the glasses might seem to be falling back in your photo.  I used the transform panel in Lightroom to correct it.  And some people mightn’t even think it’s a problem.

This wall is a very cool picture for Instagram.  I find it a little strange but pleasing to the eye.  The glasses aren’t in a pattern, but the multitude of colors drags my eyes around the picture.  Eyes can’t rest here.  That is very attractive.  But, what do you think of the wall of glasses?

wall of glasses

Where is the wall of glasses?

Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan isn’t very far from Ikebukuro station.  For me, it was about a ten-minute walk.  

Here is a Google map:




Other photo spots near the Eye Glasses Museum

Wrapping up

As mentioned earlier, the name of the shop is Rougan Megane Hakubutsukan.  I like to think of that as the “Museum for Long-sighted Glasses.”  But, on Google Map, it is “Aged Glass Museum.”  Why?

pairs of plastic spectacles

In Japanese, “rougan” means longsightedness (due to old age). I’m not sure if my translation is correct, but it makes sense to me. If you have any better ideas, I will enjoy hearing them.

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