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A perfect day at Ikegami Plum Garden

After a two-year break, I finally got back to Ikegami Plum Garden.  It was good to go there.  Nothing much had changed, to be honest.  Well, the weather was great, as were the plum blossoms.  So, yes, it was a perfect day.  And I got some pretty good pictures too.

white and pink plum blossoms
people looking at pink plum blossoms

In 2020, I said Ikegami Plum Garden reminded me of Keio Mogusaen.  It is on the side of a hill.  In this case, a much smaller hill!  It’s not that high, and there were stairs.  So getting to the top wasn’t a problem.

pink plum blossoms at Ikegami Plum Garden
people on Ikegami Plum Garden looking at plum blossoms

That’s where the similarities with Mogusaen ended.  There was no Mount Fuji to enjoy, no stunning vista.  Everything was suburban Tokyo, houses and apartment buildings.   

Anyway, that wasn’t important.  The plum blossoms were the stars.  Everyone concentrated on them.  They were in full bloom and exceptional.

people on Ikegami Plum Garden observation deck photographing flowers

And fortunately, there was little wind.  That made photography easy.  I appreciated it as I like to do handheld bracketing.  With the flowers hardly moving, my pictures turned out rather well.

white plum blossom cluster

I took three lenses with me, the 16-55 mm, 55-200 mm and 10-24 mm.  There was no need for the last one, and I didn’t use it.  Seeing the flowers in perfect condition reinforced the feeling that I need a macro lens.  After many years of saying that, I’m going to make it happen soon.

pink plum blossom at Ikegami Plum Garden

Where is Ikegami Plum Garden?

The park is only a ten-minute walk from Nishi-Magome Station on the Toei-Asakusa Line. Here is a map:

Entry fee


white plum blossoms at Ikegami Plum Garden

Wrapping up

Ikegami Plum Garden is as good as any other plum blossom garden in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.  The only problem is the view from the hill, but that won’t change!  Another good thing is that Ikegami-Honmonji temple is only a short walk away.  Please leave any comments or questions below.

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