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An Inokashira Park cherry blossom night walk

I took a walk on an unlit night with Inokashira Park cherry blossoms.  Why?  Well, my plans for photographing the flowers at various places fell apart.  Once again, during the week weather and work caused havoc.  There were limited options for me. So even though I went there a couple of days earlier, I went again.

Inokashira pond evening cherry blossoms

So on an overcast evening, I took the train from Takaido to Inokashira-Koen Station.  Once in the park, the sun was down and few people were walking around.  It occurred to me that I had made a mistake going.  But that feeling dissipated once I saw the trees.

Inokashira Park pond cherry blossom night walk

The blossoms were in bloom.  They looked great.  In the fading glow, the trees looked ghostly and surreal.  The surface of Inokashira Park pond was very calm.  I was very happy I went.

Actually, there was a little light in the park.  Some of the park lights were on, but they were not in a position to light the trees.  While they didn’t cast illuminate the flowers directly, they provided a nice ambiance.

Inokashira Park night cherry blossom flowers

My Fujifilm X-T3 performed quite well.  I had no flash or video light with me.  The light of golden and blue hours was enough to get photos.  Sometimes, particularly in these situations, I would like to have a full-frame camera but, it would be difficult to justify the extra expense for one of those.  What I have is enough. 

Inokashira Park cherry blossom night walk with swan boats

It would have been nice to see the trees illuminated.  Maybe when the pandemic ends, that might happen.  More people would go to the park during the hanami season to see the cherry blossom trees for sure.

Inokashira Park cherry blossom pond night walk

Let us know your experience if you have seen the Inokashira Park cherry blossom trees at night.  I would love to hear what you have to say.

Inokashira Park cherry blossom night walk_

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