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Inokashira Park cherry blossoms in 2022

The Inokashira Park cherry blossoms are back for 2022.  I got there relatively early and checked them out on a Sunday morning.  They looked pretty good but not full bloom.  That was enough for me to take some photos.

swan boat and cherry blossoms

When I arrived at the park, it was very windy.  I could tell that the clouds would eventually close by looking at the sky.  It would be a morning with a small window of good weather.  Eventually, everything would turn grey.

Inokashira Park cherry blossoms and pond

I started photographing well before 8 am, and many people were there.  Most were taking photos, but many were walking dogs and enjoying morning walks.  This time I noticed something different.

Quite a few people had small binoculars strapped around their necks.  They were the type I often see at Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park.  I can only imagine they were using them for birding at Inokashira Park.  I don’t know whether they have been used for some time or a recent thing.

Inokashira Park cherry blossoms with sky behind

A major complaint I have about the park over the years is the orange barriers during the hanami season.  I understand they are there to prevent people have parties, but they are so ugly.  It’s hard to get a photograph without them appearing in the frame.

Inokashira Park cherry blossoms and bench seats

The other complaint I had was the time I went!  Yes, I know I decided that, but I had many places to go that day.  Inokashira Park had to be first.  Anyway, shooting there early in the morning is relatively tricky.  If you stand on the pond’s bridge and look east towards the cherry blossom trees, you’ll be shooting into the sun.

Inokashira Park pond cherry blossoms

I have found that the only way to overcome that is to do bracketing.  But the sky and pond were still incredibly bright.  It’s always better to shoot that direction much earlier in the morning or later in the day.  That is just my opinion, but it works for me.

Inokashira Park rowboats and cherry blossoms_

Anyway, I was pretty happy with my photos of the sakura trees.  Still, I’d like to go again if I get the time.  I’ve never photographed them at night, which I’d like to do.  That is possible as Inokashira Park is illuminated for a few hours during the hanami season.  Hopefully, I’ll get the chance this year.

Inokashira Park cherry blossoms

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have been to Inokashira Park cherry blossoms, let us know what you think of them.

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