Jindai Botanical Gardens Chrysanthemum Festival 2022

I went to my first Jindai Botanical Gardens chrysanthemum festival in November 2022. It surprised me. The displays were very high quality and easy to photograph. I had a great morning with the flowers and left with some good pictures.

On a Wednesday morning, I took the bus from Kichijoji. It was a pretty long ride, to be honest. If I’m not mistaken it took about thirty minutes. We went through Tokyo’s suburban backstreets. But I enjoyed it because the area was so different from the central city where I spend so much of my time.

You might remember the park is famous for its rose garden. I’d seen those many times as it is always on my calendar. But for one reason or another, I’d never seen its chrysanthemums. It was good to finally tick them off my list.

As I went on a weekday, few people were there. Jindai Botanical Gardens seems to be one of Tokyo’s lesser-known chrysanthemum spots. That might be due to it not being near a train station. I was happy with that, as I didn’t have people getting in the way.

The flowers were of good quality. In their booths, they were protected from direct sunlight. That made photography easy. It gave me another chance to use my flash.

There wasn’t much difference from other places. The types of chrysanthemums and ways of the display were typical. But that is okay, as there are only so many ways of displaying flowers! It was all very traditional.

I must say one thing. The most popular flowers were the bonsai chrysanthemums. They drew many admirers. The tiny plants were very interesting.

One good thing about this visit was that the roses were still in bloom. They weren’t in perfect condition, but some were still photographable. Many people were obviously enjoying them too.

If you are into flower photography, you should check out Jindai Botanical Gardens. It is famous for its many flowers. There are also roses, dahlia, hydrangeas, and azaleas. Each season has something.

Even though this was my first visit to Jindai, I rate it very highly. In 2023, I will attend its next chrysanthemum exhibit for sure. And I will also go there for its other flowers too. Should I consider moving closer to it as I go there so often?

By the way, do you have a favorite type of chrysanthemum? I do. It is the choji. There were some pink ones I photographed, and I thought they were beautiful. They have a pompon on top of some bigger leaves. That is something different that I enjoy. Anyway, which one is yours?

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