Jindai Botanical Gardens rose festival 2021

Jindai Botanical Gardens rose garden
Jindai's rose garden.

Jindai Botanical Gardens Rose Festival 2021 was memorable. I had seen some great flower events that year, so I went to this one with a high level of enthusiasm. The weather and displays were amazing. It was a great day of photography.

Jindai Botanical Gardens rose festival Maria Callas
Maria Callas Roses.

Even going there was enjoyable. I only had to catch the Keio-Inokashira line to Kichijoji and then a bus. That was my only complaint, albeit a small one. Just before I got on, I saw it was packed. It was seriously crowded.  So, off we went, packed in like sardines. That wasn’t a great start to the day.

Iceberg roses next to outdoor art
Iceberg roses love art.

Fortunately, we got out of the can soon. Most people got off at the NTT Data Center in Mitaka. That made me feel a lot better. Suddenly I had a seat, and there was only one other person on the bus. I could breathe again. The trip was soon over.

Jindai Botanical Garden pink rose

It was good getting back to Jindai Botanical Garden after not having gone for a long time. The flowers were great. And the icing on the cake was that not many people were there. It was just like the previous day at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens, but better. And this time I got the type of clouds I love. They were all nice and fluffy. The good things didn’t end there, though.

Jindai Botanical Garden rose flower beds

Why was Jindai Botanical Gardens Rose Festival 2021 great?

Jindai was almost devoid of people. When that happens, it is one of the most fabulous places in Tokyo for flower photography. The central area where the roses are so packed together. It was a sea of color. Going to these gardens on a weekday has its advantages.

Christian Dior rose
A Christian Dior rose.

The only real problem was the wind. I couldn’t use a tripod, so I did handheld bracketing. That made things rather tricky. I had to wait for a break in the gusts before hitting the shutter button. It still worked out well in the end. Well, I think it did.

Jindai Botanical Garden pink rose garden

In 2021, I also went to the Kyu-Furukawa rose festival. That event was excellent too. But if you asked me which was better, I wouldn’t know what to say! Tokyo is lucky with its flowers. The city has so many.

Jindai Botanical Garden photographers

Anyway, I need to go to Jindai Botanical Garden more often. That bus trip is quite relaxing, and it gives lots of options as you can get it from many stations in the area. Anyway, I hope you read my main article about it. Please check out its rose festival if you are in Tokyo one day. Flower lovers are sure to enjoy it.

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