Kanto Celts fight it out with Pumas at YC&AC

In March 2021, I went to Yokohama Country and Athletic Club (YC&AC). I wanted to photograph some Footy Japan Competitions football games. One I watched was between Kanto Celts FC and Pumas FC. I thought the teams were quite evenly balanced, and either side could have won it.

In the morning there was a threat of rain, but it remained only that. The weather kind of improved as the morning wore on. At times, clouds obscured the sky. But, we also got some blue patches. It was good for football photography.

And as it was a Division One game, the standard of play was extremely high. The footwork both teams displayed was very high. And they were very aggressive. Everyone was on the attack.

I enjoyed it.  To see the Celts and Pumas go at it hammer and tongs was great. And the best part was that once it all ended, it was smiles all around. Everyone was friends and had a laugh with each other as they walked off the pitch.

In the end, it was a victory for Pumas FC who won 5-3. From my inexperienced eyes, they seemed to have an edge over the Celts, but only a slight one. I wonder how both teams are progressing these days? Unfortunately, I’ve been a little too busy to photograph soccer recently.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. And if you want to play football (or soccer, if you prefer) in Tokyo, get in contact with Footy Japan Competitions. Those guys will be able to find you a team, no problem!

What Fujifilm camera gear did I use for these YC&AC soccer photos?

Camera body: X-T3

Lens: XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR

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