Keio Mogusaen Plum Blossoms: Park Photo Guide

Keio Mogusaen plum blossom hill view
The view from Mogusaen's hill.

Keio Mogusaen is one of Tokyo’s least-known parks. So it should be because it is small and far. Nothing happens there for much of the year. But, in spring, flower lovers visit it in droves. It is one of the most famous spots in the city for plum blossoms.

Before we go any further, I must tell you one thing. Mogusaen is on a hill. It is a little steep.  Getting there might be a trial for people with health or physical problems.  And once you are inside, everything is uphill, and you are confined to the paths.

But once there, flower photographers will be happy. Five hundred trees are on the hill of the park. Their beautiful white, pink, and yellow petals make a spectacle of color when they bloom. Some of them have historical significance. It makes the train ride worth it!

Mount Fuji covered in snow
Mount Fuji is easily visible from the hill.

From the hill, provided there is no heavy cloud cover, you can enjoy pleasant views. Shinjuku and even Tokyo Skytree are visible in the east. Mt. Fuji is in the west. In both spring and autumn, I think you’ll find them spectacular.

The other seasons are okay.  You’ll find hydrangeas, wisteria, and irises, but they are few.  I couldn’t justify traveling the long distance to Keio Mogusaen to see them when they bloom. There are better and more accessible places in inner Tokyo for those flowers.

Mogusaen even monuments to some Japanese literary figures, Bokusui Wakayama and Basho Matsuo. But that is it. Some kiosks sell drinks and snacks if you need a break.

Keio Mogusaen details

See the park’s admission fees, opening hours, and location on the official website.

Keio Mogusaen Jushobai plum blossom tree
The Jushobai plum blossom tree.

Why is Keio Mogusaen good for travel photography?

Tokyo isn’t only about huge skyscrapers, robot restaurants, and food. Mogusaen offers peace and serenity. It also has beautiful spring flowers in a suburban setting. This park is something different.

Wrapping up

Keio Mogusaen is small. It also lacks many of the features of bigger parks like Shinjuku Gyoen and Rikugien. But, it is worth visiting in spring for its plum blossoms. The problem is the distance between Shinjuku and Mogusaen Station.

But if you are a flower lover, especially plum blossoms, I’d say go. The plum blossoms and the views are fantastic. So, if you make the trip to it, make sure you go in spring.

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