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Yes, King Kong is in Tokyo

King Kong is in Tokyo. I found him in Sangenjaya. He was above a Family Mart convenience. I’m not sure if Japan’s kaiju know if he is there. If they did, we might be in for a monumental battle.

King Kong on building in Tokyo Shopping street

Actually, the ape might be the son of Kong. He was relatively small. His latest film version is over 100 meters tall. This one wasn’t close to that.

female mannequin in giant hand

Yes, I know he’s just a mockup. But Kong is one of those fun things to photograph. A pity he isn’t as detailed as the Godzilla statues in Tokyo.

What can you see there?

Sangenjaya’s King Kong is visible from the chest up. One of his arms reaches over the side with a young girl sitting in his hand. Who is she, though?

Kong doesn’t move or light up. He’s not like Godzilla in Kabukicho. It would be nice if he did.

King Kong with girl in hand above Family Mart Convenience Store

Where is Tokyo’s King Kong?

The big chimp is in Setagaya Ward.

There are two train stations are near him:

  1. Sangenjaya: served by the Tōkyū Den-en-Toshi Line.
  2. Setagaya: served by the Setagaya Line.

Walk north along Chazawa-Dori (Chazawa road) for a few minutes. He is above a Family Mart convenience store.

Here is a map:

Photographing King Kong

There are two problems with this location:

  • Many electric power cables are in front of him.
  • He only consists of his head and arms. You cannot see his body or legs.
King Kong on building

Similar photo spots in Tokyo

Other photo spots near King Kong

  • Carrot Tower (building with observation deck)

Wrapping up

There isn’t much to say as I couldn’t find much information about him. However, I can say with confidence that he is completely harmless. It was obvious he’d been drinking a lot because he was legless.

King Kong with arm over side of Family Mart convenience store building

One day, I’ll go again. There were no clouds when I took these photos. The sky was dull. I’d like something more dramatic. You can leave questions and comments below.

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