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The Kiyose Sunflower Festival in 2018

I’ve never been a big fan of sunflowers.  So, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this festival as much as others like hanami, the azaleas, and the plum blossoms.  But, after spending some time in fields filled with them, I had a great time even though it was scorching hot.

people taking photos in sunflower flower

The festival surprised me, to be honest.  Of course, I’ve seen sunflowers before, but I’d never been to a farm filled with them.  I didn’t think they’d be so big.  They are enormous, and you can walk through 24,000 square meters of them.  It was a lot of fun to walk through the fields of huge yellow flowers. 

yellow sunflowers
sunflower field

I took two lenses for the day, the Fujifilm 10-24 and 55-200.  The shorter lens would be the best performer, I thought.  How wrong I was!  With the short lens, I shot at 10 mm and f8, which I thought would get sharp results and everything in focus.  When the shots were on my computer screen, I realized I had shot a little too close to the flowers.  The backgrounds were a little out of focus; the bokeh didn’t look right.  Next time I’ll shoot with the lens stopped down a little more, or I won’t get so close to the flowers.

The winner was the 55-200 mm.  On the screen, its image quality looked great.  The bokeh that the lens produced was superb.  Stand back far enough from what you’re shooting, and it nearly doubles as a wide-angle lens!  Well, a ghetto wide-angle, I should say.  Shooting with that kind of lens for close-ups also requires more thought.  And that means better photographs.  In the end, it worked out well.

man taking photos of yellow flowers
Kiyose sunflower field

It was surprising how many people were there, even though it was a weekday.  Next time, I might include more of them in my pictures.  We are a part of the festival, after all!

Kiyose sunflower field on sunny day

If you ever go, you need to be prepared. It is a summer event, and the heat can be considerable. There is very little to cover from the sun. They do have a couple of tents, but they get crowded. So, take hats and sunscreen because you could burn very quickly without them. And make sure you keep hydrated. It was 34°C with almost no cloud cover when I went, so I got sunburned.

big yellow flower
Kiyose flowers

And last, the bus from Kiyose station will be the best way to go.   At peak times, they leave about once every twenty minutes.  You might think that is pretty good.  But as many people use them, wait times can be long.  There is a shuttle bus on the weekends, but I haven’t used it yet.

big sunflower

For flower lovers, I recommend the Kiyose Sunflower Festival.  It is a truly fantastic event.  They’ll like it as much as I did. And I’m pretty sure the Instagram generation will love it too.

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