The L-Bracket is a great camera accessory

SmallRig L Bracket wood grip landscape position
My SmallRig L-Bracket.

There are many answers to “What is a great camera accessory?” Ask a group of photographers, and I’m sure you’ll get a wide range of responses. For me, there can only be one, the L-bracket. I bought mine from SmallRig.

What is an L-Bracket?

It is a bracket that fits a camera and is in the shape of an L! The one I use has a simple screw to attach it. Once it’s on, I fix it to my tripod via the quick-release system.

Fujifilm X-T2 on L Bracket
My Fujifilm X-T2 on the L-bracket.

Why would you use it?

  • Do you want to put your camera into portrait orientation on a tripod? You can do it with an L-bracket to stand it up. The process is quick and easy.
  • Nothing is worse than putting a camera on the ground or dropping it,  only to pick it up and find it has a scratch. An L-Bracket gives you another layer of protection.

Wouldn’t a ball head tripod be better?

They can be, but they’re more expensive. That might add size and weight to your bag too.  L-brackets fit easily into your bag. And there is another advantage.

Have you used a ball head and later discovered that you didn’t tighten the screws enough? Once you flip them on their side, they won’t be over the center of gravity. They might slip, and that could ruin a photo. L-brackets are very sturdy, in my opinion.

Disadvantages of these brackets

Cameras come in many shapes and sizes.  That means the bracket you buy today might not fit a future purchase or another brand.  You need to think about purchasing one carefully. But the right one.

Wrapping up

I often use my SmallRig.  Whenever I forget to put it in my camera bag I regret it.  They are a valued piece of photographer kit.

Have you used one?  Or do you prefer ball head tripods?  I think people could debate this topic forever.

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