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More airliners at Haneda Airport

In 2021, I went to Haneda Airport’s Terminal 3 to photograph the airliners.  Though it was my first time, I wasn’t disappointed.  Photographing the planes was a lot of fun.  It was so much fun that I decided to go again.

Boeing 777-381-ER airliner at Haneda Airport

That first time wasn’t perfect.  The photos had overcast skies.  This time, I hoped to see some blue.  My other goal was to catch aircraft landing in the early evening.  Those pictures were my ultimate target.  Yes, I set my sights high.

Boeing 737-800 landing at Haneda Airport

I have to admit that I am still very much in the learning phase here.  There are so many things about plane photography (i.e., plane spotting) I don’t know.  One of the most important is composition.

In these photos, most aircraft have buildings, other planes or bridges behind them.  The subject is not isolated.  Most of the shots are side-on.  This has motivated me to check out locations outside the airport grounds.  I want more places that will allow me to take the type of photos I want.  In other words, I need more angles.

Solaseed Air jet in cloudy sky

I’ve visited a few new sites since I took these photos.  There are parks like Jonanjima and Keihinjima Tsubasa.   They are very good.  Under this article, you’ll find a list of those places.

Boeing 777-300 ER airliner

Let’s get back to the main topic!  I shot from Terminal 3 again.  I should apologize, but I won’t!  The reason for that was before moving to a new spot, I wanted to get some nice pictures from Haneda.  I got them.  Some nice clouds came out to play, with patches of sunlight and blue sky.  Doing it one more time was a good idea.  

Boeing 777-300 ER landing Haneda Airport

At the moment, I’m enjoying plane spotting very much.  As the year progresses and the weather cools, I should see improvement.  Like many things, photography is all about practice.  

jets on Haneda Airport tarmac
OneWorld airliner on wet Haneda tarmac

Why do I like to photograph these airliners so much?  Their lines are beautiful.  During takeoffs and landings, they are graceful and powerful.  And it is always a thrill seeing one of them in some special livery.

jetliner over Tokyo

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As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you are into aircraft photography, maybe you could leave us some tips?  One last thing, if you know some good plane spotting websites, please tell us!

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