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More Yoyogi Park black and white rockabilly

The Harajuku rockabilly crew again?  Yes.  I photographed them in color, but these pictures are in black in white.  Why?  There is a good reason for it.  Let me explain.  It started when a photoshoot was canceled with five minutes warning.  Suddenly, I needed something else to do.  The obvious choices were nearby Meiji Shrine or Yoyogi Park.  I chose the latter.  Once I got near, I heard some powerful music.  Was it what I thought it was?  Yes, it was!  Yes, the crew was back.  

rockabilly air guitar

I haven’t ventured out as much throughout the coronavirus pandemic.  And when I have, I tried to keep away from places I knew would be crowded.  Those places being Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and of course Harajuku.  

Yoyogi Park rockabilly male dancer

So I didn’t go to Yoyogi Park much in 2020.  When I did, the dancers were missing.  These photos were from my first visit in 2021.  Some things had changed.

While the park was busy, few people stayed to watch the Harajuku rockabilly crew.  The majority walked through.  I can only conjecture it was something to do with coronavirus.  Or maybe it was that the pompadours were missing?  Those are a huge drawcard, I think.  It would have been nice if some of those guys had danced.  

man dancing at Yoyogi Park

The pictures I took were in color.  At the beginning of the shoot, I decided to do that because I usually shoot the dancers in black and white.  When I got home, though, I discovered a problem.

It might have been a combination of things.  Color didn’t seem to work well.   Some passersby wore colorful clothing, which was an obvious distraction.  And rockabilly started in the 1950s.  So, black and white is good for anything from that generation.

Strangers rockabilly group dancing at Yoyogi Park

And the background was cluttered.  Color didn’t isolate subjects.  I wanted all focus on the dancers, which is what black and white would do.  Hopefully, it worked out.

Japanese man

For the processing, I used the Fujifilm Acros film simulation.  It is my go-to for black and white photos.  I’m always satisfied with its results.

Japanese female rockabilly

These pictures aren’t what I had envisaged.  I apologize for that.  Was it a minor photographic disaster?  I’m not sure.  Only the viewer can answer.  Anyway, I’m looking forward to my next photo session with the Yoyogi Park rockabilly pompadours.  I want better pictures next time!

Japanese man in rockabilly clothes

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