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My favorite cherry blossom spot is Aoyama Cemetery

My favorite cherry blossom spot in Tokyo is Aoyama Cemetery.  In spring 2017, I checked the weather forecast daily and made predictions.  I counted down the days till I photographed them.   

My favorite cherry blossom spot at Aoyama cemetery
This is Cherry Blossom Road, a popular spot for photographers.

On the appointed morning, the skies were cloudless.  It was blue everywhere.  I was right!  Anyway, I got dressed, ate breakfast, grabbed my camera, and left.  

cherry blossoms and Japanese graves

Once on the train, I thought about the photos I’d take.  I was convinced the cherry blossoms would be in perfect condition.  It was going to be a complete success.

Every time I go there, it excites me.  Aoyama Cemetery is the best place in Tokyo for cherry blossoms.   It is me, my camera, and no one else.  Well, a few will be having a morning walk, with or without a dog.  Occasionally, there will be another photographer.  I may as well have the place to myself.

cherry blossoms at Aoyama Cemetery
cherry blossoms over Japanese graves

It’s never crowded.  There are no parties and no drinking.  It is nice and quiet.  If you want cherry blossoms and a little solitude in spring, go to Aoyama Cemetery.

Tokyo Tower seen from Aoyama Cemetery
You can see Tokyo Tower from Aoyama Cemetery.

Why do I like it so much?  It’s the whole package – the graves, the trees, the atmosphere, the view, and the history.  Aoyama Cemetery has it all.  If I had to single out one thing I like most, I’d say it’s a mix of the graves and trees.  Many of the trees are very close to, or over, the tombs.  They compliment each other so well.  It is lovely.

cherry blossoms over Japanese graves

But things never go as planned, do they?  I was expecting the trees to be at their very best.  Once again, they weren’t. Such was my luck.  All week, I had said that the cherry blossoms would be at their peak in another day or two.  Each day I thought it would be THE day.  Well, they were almost perfect.  But, being close is only close, no cigar.

Japanese tombstones and cherry blossoms

Yes, I felt let down but, the day was warm and sunny.  The trees looked pretty good.  It was an enjoyable morning.  I was happy with that.  Luckily, the cherry blossoms of Aoyama Cemetery are there every year!  It is still my favorite cherry blossom spot.

bust of man with cherry blossoms behind
pink cherry blossoms

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Have you been to Aoyama Cemetery to see its cherry blossoms?  Please tell us about your experience, if you have.  For those of you with questions or comments, please leave them below.

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