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My first visit to Kameido Tenjin’s chrysanthemums

In 2021, I discovered Kameido Tenjin had a chrysanthemum festival!  I had always associated the shrine with wisteria and plum blossoms.  This was something new so I went to photograph them.  But the visit left me with conflicting thoughts.

Kameido Tenjin’s chrysanthemums stacked high in middle with booths on both sides

Have you been to the shrine before?  If you haven’t, I’ll briefly tell you about it.  When you enter, you pass under a massive torii gate.  After that, you walk along a path over two red drum bridges.  On both sides are ponds with trellises for the wisteria.   Once you get to the end, is the shrine with the chrysanthemum area on the right.

red torii gate with chrysanthemums at bases

It was a good event, but not outstanding.  To be honest, I left a little disappointed.  I expected more because Kameido Tenjin puts on a great wisteria festival.  Something on the lines of Zenyoji or Yushima Tenjin would have been great. 

Neither of those two venues is unique, but I feel they are trying.  Both had more chrysanthemums for a start.  Zenyoji also has its enormous black pine. Yushima Tenjin has flowers all around the shrine.  

Kameido Tenjin shrine with Tokyo Skytree behind on left

Before I went to Kameido Tenjin, I had no idea what to expect, of course.  So on the trip there, my mind wondered what I’d see.  I hoped the chrysanthemums would be all around the grounds.  Well, there were a few at the entrance torii gate.  But the main area was to the right of the shrine.  It was pretty small.

Kameido Tenjin chrysanthemums in booth with bridge prop

Maybe I was expecting too much?  That could be the case.  I’d been to some good flower exhibits in 2021, and the quality had been very high.

I’ve come to like chrysanthemums.  But, they often seem to be displayed the same way.  Occasionally, you’ll see something unique.  Generally speaking, though, the displays change very little.  Of course, we might say the same thing about other flower festivals.

many different colored chyrsanthemums stacked high

But, might it be time to do something new?  I’m not sure of the technical details of growing and keeping the flowers in good condition for the season.  Maybe I’m asking too much.  But, could it be worth changing things?

With its pools, Kameido Tenjin is a unique shrine.  Maybe an opportunity was missed?  It would be great to see more flowers spread around the grounds.  I’m sure doing something like that would draw more people.  As a centerpiece for Tokyo tourism, more could have been done, in my opinion.

pink, white, yellow chrysanthemums

Yes, it has Tokyo Skytree in the distance.  That is nice, but it’s not enough.  The tower isn’t why people go there.  Everyone goes for the flowers.

In the end, my visit ended with conflicting thoughts.  I enjoyed the flower photography, as that was my primary aim.  But what about the festival as a whole?  Should something more be done?  What do you think?

small ozukuri chrysanthemum dome

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have been to Kameido Tenjin’s chrysanthemums? Did you enjoy them?  Let us know what you think of it.

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