Nakano-Dori cherry blossoms in 2019

In 1996, I worked in Nakano. That year was a good one. I enjoyed my job.  The people I worked with were great. And I had good friends. But having said that, there is one thing I didn’t do. It took me twenty-three years to rectify that. What was it? 

I didn’t see the cherry blossoms along Nakano-Dori. Nakano-Dori is a street that is famous for its trees. At that time, with no internet, I didn’t know that a great place existed a short walk from my school. It was a pity because it has everything needed for a great day out, especially in spring.

In 2019, I finally photographed the street and trees. It is not Tokyo’s most famous place for cherry blossoms, but I was very impressed. It is quite different. There is no place to sit down to enjoy the flowers, as people go there to shop. That’s okay, though, as it is something different.

Nakano isn’t an upscale area, but I’ve always liked it. There are many places to eat and drink, and shopping is enjoyable. If you are a photographer, Fujiya Camera Store near Sun Mall is the place to go!

But for cherry blossoms lovers, Nakano-Dori is the place to check out with a camera. And as it is on the Chuo line, it is only a short train ride from Shinjuku. With the trees along both sides of the road, it is beautiful.

When I republished these photos from 2019, I noticed a massive error in them. Have you noticed? It’s pretty big. To me, it now sticks out like a sore thumb.

The photos are mostly the same. When I went there, I was awestruck. The tree-lined street was so beautiful. My mind locked on that. So I took most of my photos looking along the road. I hardly showed anything else!

Don’t misunderstand me.  I like these photos. But it’s a common newbie photography mistake that many of us make. I have done it many times. Hopefully, I’ve been making it less since then.

If you are ever in Tokyo and have the time, check out the Nakano-Dori cherry blossoms. They are very good. Make sure to take a camera with you!

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