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Omiya Hachiman Chrysanthemum Exhibit in 2019

In November 2019, I went to the annual Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit. It is usually my first stop each season.  And that is why I never get the flowers in bloom, which is a pity.  I’m always too early for them.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have unlimited time to do the things you love?

Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit booth
Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit yellow and purple

I don’t know how I’m going to make that happen, but I’m working on it.  One problem is that Tokyo has so many good blogs that it is hard to get noticed.  Many are well-established, while mine is not, especially as I recently moved it back to WordPress.  It’s the same with photographers.  This city has so many great ones.

Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum bonsai exhibit
Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit yellow flower

So I’m looking at the long game.  In this case, it is a call for perseverance.  I’ll keep going at what I’m doing and find chances to improve.  Of course, I need to look for opportunities to sell myself.  That is very important.  Keep plugging away, and hopefully, I’ll get to my destination.  It sounds corny saying, “Never give up,” but that is what life is about, right?

Anyway, I was lucky at the 2019 Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit.  Even though many of the flowers weren’t great, it made me look for those that were.  Those that were in good shape were the ones I chose for photographs.  I’m pretty happy with this article.

Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit pink flower
Omiya Hachimangu chrysanthemum exhibit-4
purple and yellow chrysanthemum exhibit
white and yellow bonsaid chrysanthemum exhibit

If you want to read more about this Omiya Hachimangu, you can do that here! Any questions or comments can be left below.

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