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One last chance with Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossoms

2020 was a terrible year to photograph cherry blossoms.  Coronavirus was the culprit.  The hardship it caused, on many levels, was unbelievable.   It especially ruined my cherry blossom schedule.  I avoided going out as much as possible.  But, I wanted at least one good session with the flowers.  Once again, I headed to my favorite place, Aoyama Cemetery.

Aoyama Cemetery cherry blossom road

I needed to finish the season on a good note for two reasons.  One was the death of the comedian Ken Shimura due to coronavirus.  In all honesty, I wasn’t his biggest fan, but he was an entertainment icon in Japan.  Turn on the TV, and he was always there, somewhere.  His work schedule over forty-six years must have been incredible.  Many people will miss him.

Aoyama cemetery graves with cherry blossoms

The other was the weather.  Two days of rain in Tokyo conspired to kill the 2020 hanami season.  I had hoped to see some new places.  But it was mostly a washout.

So, with the end of the cherry blossom season imminent, I got up at 4 am.  That allowed me to get the first train to avoid people and go to Aoyama Cemetery again.  Yes, I went there a few days previously, but I couldn’t let it go.  A few nice pictures of the cemetery’s cherry blossoms would put my world back on track for the rest of the year.

womaan walking past graves with Tokyo Tower behind

I planned to get in very early and take my pictures.  Then, I would go home after the morning rush had finished.  That would limit any interactions with others.  With the weather forecast looking good, I was confident.

path in cemetery lined with graves and cherry blossoms

And I got my wish.  It was a great morning, and the Aoyama cemetery cherry blossoms were perfect, still full-bloom!  I got some excellent pictures.  What do you think?  

Japanese graves at Aoyama cemetery

If you want to learn more about Aoyama Cemetery, click here to read the main article.  It’s a beautiful place.  And yes, some semblance of order was restored to my life in 2020.

cherry blossoms over cemetery road
graves and cherry blossoms at sunrise

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