Plane spotting at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Airdo Boeing 767-381-ER taxing
An Airdo Boeing 767-381-ER.

Plane spotting at Haneda Airport Terminal 2 is good. I shot my first article for this blog in March 2023. It was a good experience. Well, I should say it was mostly a good experience. When I was at home that morning, the sky looked pretty nice. That is where the good news ends.

Where did I photograph the planes?

I photographed from the observation deck of Haneda Airport Terminal 2. In the middle is a covered area but the sides are open. Terminal 3 only has a fence.

Airdo Boeing 767-381-ER with aircraft tug
An Airdo Boeing 767-381-ER.

Why is Haneda Airport Terminal 2 good for plane photography?

I like it because in the background are Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and ships.

How was the photography on March 12, 2023?

The only thing I need to comment on is the fence. You aren’t allowed to put your camera through the gap or widen it. The gap is pretty narrow, but enough for photography.

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 view of solaseed air ja812x boeing 737-800
Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 JA812X.

It was a busy day. There were many people and flights.  The planes kept coming in. I guess there was one landing every three minutes? It was an incredible pace. Maybe it’s a sign that Japan’s tourism industry is recovering.

Japan Airlines JA738j take off
Japan Airlines JA738j taking off.

Aircraft of note

There were two aircraft that were new to me:

  • Airdo Boeing 767-381-ER in Pokemon livery. One side was yellow and the other blue.
  • Japan Coast Guard JA725A De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300.
ANA Boeing 767-381(ER)
An ANA Boeing 767-381(ER).

How can you get to Haneda Airport Terminal 2?

There are two ways:

  1. Take the Tokyo Monorail from Hamamatsucho.
  2. Take the Keikyū Airport Line from Shinagawa.

I’d recommend the Keikyū, as it is cheaper. But check the schedule before you get on. This line does branch, so you could end up in Kanagawa Prefecture if you are not careful. Make sure you are on the right train!

ANA JA 832A Dreamliner
An ANA JA 832A Dreamliner.

Where is the train station at Terminal 2?

It’s in the basement, B1.

Where is the observation deck?

Level 5. There is no direct route to it from the basement via elevators. You’ll also need to take escalators.

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 view of Japan Coast Guard JA725A De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300
A Japan Coast Guard JA725A De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300.

Wrapping up

Let’s put the weather aside. That couldn’t be helped. As an experience, I had a good time at Terminal 2. The photographs were all dull. I used Adobe Lightroom to brighten each plane. Anyway, I will go again on a sunny day to get better shots! Please leave comments and questions below.

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