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Plane spotting is great at Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

I decided to go to Keihinjima Tsubasa Park to photograph the aircraft of Haneda Airport.  It was my first time there.  My day didn’t go flawlessly, but I left with the feeling I would go back one day.

Air Do Boeing 767-300

The park was so close to the airport.  In late 2021, I photographed the planes from Jonanjima Seaside Park.  That place was only 800 meters to Haneda Airport’s fence, across Tokyo Bay.  Keihinjima was even closer, with a gap of less than 200 meters. That makes things easy for photography.  The park is long and narrow, so you can walk its length taking pictures of the planes.  With my Fujifilm 100-400 mm lens, the jets were huge in my viewfinder.  I could see the details of the airport very well.  

Air Do Boeing jetliner

When I arrived, a few aircraft photographers were there.  They all had big cameras with huge lenses.  I think one Canon shooter even brought along an enormous 800 mm.  Keihinjima Tsubasa Park is popular with local plane spotters.

My first visit left me with a favorable impression.  It seemed family-friendly.  There were toilets and drink machines.  Car parking was available.  It was perfect for plane spotting Haneda Airport.

ANA jetliner at Haneda International Airport

My main problem was Haneda’s runway’s four: A, B, C and D.  Here is what I faced with each one:

  • A – was used only for arrivals on that day.  Aircraft approached from the east, and I was in the west.  I wasn’t able to photograph any of them.
  • B – wasn’t in use while I was there.
  • C – this was in use, but only for departures.
  • D – was in use that day, but it was roughly six kilometers away.  That was too far, even for my 100-400 mm lens.
Japan Airlines 787-8 Dreamliner

Another problem I had was the weather.  The sky was cloudless.  That left me with nothing but endless blue, which is boring for aircraft photography.

Japan Airlines Airbus A350 JA02Xj

Positive points for plane spotting at Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

  • Great views of Haneda Airport’s A, B and C runways.
  • Plenty of toilets and benches.
  • No easy access convenience store.
  • Car parking is available.
JAL Boeing 737-800 JA316j
J-Air Embraer ERJ-190

Negatives points for plane spotting at Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

  • Runway D is far away (roughly 6 kilometers).
  • Public transport to the park is very poor, especially on Sundays.
  • Walking to the park from Ryutsu Center takes about  forty minutes.  With a backpack filled with camera gear, that can be a trial.  I imagine it would be tough in the summer heat.
  • There are no convenience stores nearby.
ANA jet behind fence
JAL Boeing 777-346(ER) near Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

Where is Keihinjima Tsubasa Park?

It is in Ota Ward, near the Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park.  You have three options to go there:

  1. Walk from Ryutsu-Center, which takes about forty minutes.
  2. Car
  3. Take the number 36 Keikyu bus from Omori Kaigan Station.  Get off at Keihinjim Kaijo Koen.

Here is a Google Map:

Wrapping up

Keihinjima Tsubasa Park is an excellent place for aircraft photography.  I’m looking forward to my next trip there.   It might be far, but the pros outweigh the cons. 

JAL Boeing Dreamliner 737-800 seen from Keihinjima Tsubasa Park

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