Racing to photograph cloudy Tokyo Gate Bridge

In December 2019, I photographed a decidedly cloudy Tokyo Gate Bridge.  Many people say it looks like a dinosaur, but not me. I find it hard to see any prehistoric shapes in all that metal and concrete. Two horses with back trouble, maybe?

Still, it is an interesting structure, and there is the bay area and Mount Fuji. Fuji can be tricky, though, because it is only visible from the bridge if the weather is good. When I left home to photograph in December 2019 for these photos, the forecast looked good. But would it hold?

The weather gods decided to sock it to me. But they weren’t too unkind. By the time I got to my destination, the sky had changed. I was looking at a cloudy Tokyo Gate Bridge.

Yes, the clouds were thick, but I could still see a beautiful sunset through them. I needed to photograph quickly, and I continued even when the sky became completely gray. The pictures you see here were all I kept out of one hundred and fifty frames. So many looked pretty horrible, to be honest.

Where did I take these photos of a cloudy Tokyo Gate Bridge?

On the right of the bridge is a concrete wall. It’s nearly 300 meters long with a barrier. Many anglers use it. You can set up your tripod without fear of it falling into the water.

To the left of the bridge is a rock wall. You’ll be able to incorporate Mount Fuji in your photos if you shoot from this side. But it is more dangerous. The surface of the boulders is unstable for a tripod. And, waves crash onto them, so be careful in rough weather. You have been warned!

Wrapping up

Hopefully, next time, I’ll be luckier with the skies. A cloudy Tokyo Gate Bridge isn’t what I want. I’d prefer clouds that were a little thinner and fluffier. Those are the best. Maybe mid-winter might be perfect!  

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